Mitox LS45 Electric Log-Splitter

Mitox LS45 Electric Log-Splitter

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Essentially a mechanised axe, the high-specification Mitox LS45 facilitates the fast and efficient preparation of large volumes of firewood for the wood-burner or hearth.

Its powerful and long-lasting 1500w electric motor drives a hydraulic ram that will exert a huge 4.5-tons of pressure on the subject log, splitting it in two with consummate ease. Logs up to 52cm in length are acceptable.

The Mitox LS45 Electric Log-Splitter has been equipped with a return-control valve which allows the operator to determine precisely how far the push-block returns following each split, thereby ensuring you won’t have to wait around before processing the next log.

It has a lengthy five-metre mains-cable, so you’ll be able to work a good distance from your power-source; and can be used with an optional stand that will enable you to operate without uncomfortable crouching and/or bending.

As with all Mitox products, this model represents superb value-for-money and benefits from ready spare-parts availability.

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