Mitox LS55 Electric Log-Splitter

Mitox LS55 Electric Log-Splitter

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Do away with your hand-axe and split large volumes of logs for domestic fuel in quick-time with this powerful horizontal-type log-splitter from respected UK brand Mitox.

Key to its high productivity-rate is its Quicksplit return control-mechanism, whereby the distance the push-block travels can be matched to the size of the log that’s to be split – there’s no waiting around for the machine to prepare to take the next log.

The Mitox LS55 Electric Log-Splitter is powered by a high-performance 2200w motor that works with a hydraulic ram to develop a splitting-force of 5.5-tons; enough to chop through even knotted or very dense wood-types with ease (it will take logs up to 52cm in length).

Mitox have provided wheels and a transport handle that make movement to-and-from the worksite a breeze; and they’ve fitted an extended 5m cable which will enable you to work well away from your mains supply without using a plug-board.

This model benefits from ready spare-parts availability and represents impressive value-for-money.

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