Mitox LS55X Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter

Mitox LS55X Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter

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Mitox’s top-of-the-range horizontal-type log-splitter, the LS55X Multisplit, offers all the features you’ll need for the rapid processing of substantial amounts of wood ready for your hearth or wood-burning stove.

It utilises Mitox’s efficiency-maximising Multisplit system, which makes it possible to split the log in four-directions, thereby eliminating the need for re-splitting and enabling you to get the job done far faster; and it offers a return control (Quicksplit), which allows you to match the distance the push block travels to the length of the log, in turn meaning you won’t have to wait so long between each splitting process.

Combining a powerful hydraulic pump with a very high-performance 2200w motor, the Mitox LS55X Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter exerts a massive 5.5-ton pressure on the log – even the most knotted wood-types won’t stand a chance (the unit will take logs up to 52cm in length).

The Mitox LS55X comes as standard with a work-stand which will enable you to work at a height that’s most comfortable for your stature.

A transport handle and wheels make for simple movement to-and-from your shed or garage; while a five-metre power-lead gives you the freedom to work well away from a power-source.

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