Mitox LS700BS Multisplit Petrol Log-Splitter

Mitox LS700BS Multisplit Petrol Log-Splitter

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If you own a large property that consumes more than its fair share of firewood for heating and cooking; and you need to operate some distance from a mains power-source, then the petrol-driven Mitox LS700BS presents a straightforward solution.

Helping it develop its fierce 7-ton splitting-force is a beefy 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine that employs overhead-valve (OHV) technology so as to maximise power-output and fuel-efficiency; and minimise noise, vibration and polluting exhaust-emissions. As you’d expect of a B&S power-pack, starting-reliability is rock-solid.

The Mitox LS700BS Multisplit Petrol Log-Splitter has been equipped with Mitox’s multi-directional splitting-capability (Multisplit), so you won’t have to chop the log over and over again to achieve the size you’re looking for.

Also working to save time is Mitox’s Quicksplit system. This innovative technology means you can adjust the distance the push-block needs to travel to suit the length of any given log, in turn ensuring the unit will be ready to go again far faster than a log-splitter without this facility.

This top-of-the-range model will accept logs up to 104cm in length.

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